Dear Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish Lover,

Hi, my name is Alex Halton.
I love Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish!

If you or your child are passionate about having an aquarium and are looking for an incredibly fun and easy-to-care-for fish, then adopt a few -- Shark Fish!

Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish are not your average fish – they live their entire lives underwater and they are incredibly entertaining to keep. When watching Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish you never know what you are going to see next!

Watching fish swim is hypnotic and other worldly as your eyes follow the fluid scene playing out on the other side of the glass as fish swim back and forth and up and down and around.

Studies have proven that watching fish swimming in a beautifully designed tank can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and cure insomnia.

Aquariums take very little room so they can fit into even apartment style living, and you can have a small aquarium tank right in your child's room!

Are you concerned about keeping an aquarium?

If you have never kept aquarium fish before, don’t worry. Shark Fish are freshwater “shark like” fish and are hardy creatures because they can withstand a variety of tank conditions. This makes them easier to keep because they are more tolerant of adverse conditions than most salt water or brackish fish are.

Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish must be kept in larger aquariums. 

The species of shark fish whether shark-like fish or “true” sharks can live in tanks ranging from 50 gallons to 300 gallons (189.27 to 1135.6 liters).

You may not ever be able to make your home in the ocean, but you can, with care and commitment, bring a part of the ocean into your life, and with it, one of the world’s most
fascinating creatures — the shark.

Shark fish, fresh water sharks

Sharks fish are the smaller specimens are technically “shark fish,” and are more akin to minnows, but they have the trademark, streamlined look of their giant brethren. Sharks literally breathe the water in which they swim. The first step is not to decide what kind of tank you need, but rather what kind of shark you want to raise.

Aquarium Sharks, brackish or saltwater sharks

For brackish or saltwater tank enthusiasts, small species of true sharks or Elasmobranchii are definitely an option. Most of these sharks are under 2 feet (0.609 meters) in length. They do require big tanks, but for people who really want to live with and study these fascinating creatures, the investment in time, money, and space is well worth it.

If you are new to aquaculture, it’s a good rule of thumb to decide on the focal point of your tank and make all decisions based on what that fish needs.

Aquarium Sharks take more care and may be for more advanced aquarium owners.

People who take up this hobby invest time, money, and effort to learn how to do what they’re doing and do it well. is it little wonder they’d find keeping a shark, especially a large one, an appealing challenge?

All these can be very rewarding tasks!

Your child will love having a Aquarium-- and will always remember good times they had when they are older because of their memories of their first fish.


Siamese Algae Eaters
Siamese Algae Eaters are peaceful fish requiring only moderate care.
They do very well in tanks of 30 gallons (113.56 liters) or more, but they
do like planted aquariums with lots of plants with broad leaves for resting.

So wondering how you get started?

Let’s start with a specific example using two common “starter” species of freshwater shark fish, the Bala Shark fish and the Red Tail Shark fish.

Bala Shark - Docile But Large

The Bala Shark is one of the easiest freshwater species to keep. They are one of several species of shark fish that are close relatives of the minnow. Balas are social, friendly creatures that get along well with smaller fish, especially if they’ve been raised together.

They like to swim and school with their own kind, or with any species that will congregate with them. One charming thing about a Bala Shark is that they will often have a 'best friend' of another species in the tank, a situation that is fascinating to watch from the other side of the glass.

Bala Shark

Red Tail Shark - Aggressive But Small

If you don’t have room for a six-foot tank (1.82 m), you could opt to raise a Red Tail Shark. They are also a close relative of the minnow, and are the smallest of the freshwater shark fish. A Red Tail rarely grows to more than 6 inches in length (15.24 cm), and can be housed in a 20-gallon (75.7 liter) tank.

If you're going with a Red Tail Shark, you’re inviting a little bully with a Napoleon complex into your tank. Red Tails pick fights with other fish in the tank — often to the death. They exhibit extreme territoriality, and they’re jumpers. Never put a Red Tail in a tank without a lid. You’ll come home and find your supremely confident, but unwittingly suicidal fish dead on the floor!

Fish that exhibit territoriality are more aggressive to their own kind, which will limit the numbers of sharks you can keep. The Red Tail shark will get along well with other semi-aggressive fish, but not with other sharks.

When I was looking to purchase my own Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish many years ago; I discovered there was very limited information available for help on purchasing, buying a shark friendly aquarium, conditioning, water types, temperatures, ph, chemicals, feeding and breeding for Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish.

After searching for many hours for information, as well as talking to shark fanciers I finally decided that there was a definite need for a comprehensive book all about Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish from A to Z.

With that thought in mind, I created this book, called "Aquarium for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owner's Guide"


Everything you want to know about buying aquarium sharks and shark fish, aquariums, feeding, caring for, raising, hatching eggs and keeping your Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish healthy and much more!

I have used my 14 years experience in keeping aquariums and Aquarium Fish and Shark Fish to write this book. This book is an effort to answer some basic, practical questions for people contemplating making the next step up in their fish keeping hobby — or for those who are completely new to keeping shark fish and want to know what they might be getting into.

You get step by step instructions on how to properly keep Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish based on years of my personal experience keeping Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish.

The Book Covers All These Types of Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish:

Fresh Water:

  • Bala, Red Tail, Columbian, Black, Albino Rainbow, Chinese Hi Fin Banded, Silver Apollo, Ruby, Red-Finned and Roseline Shark


  • Australian, Berneys and Columbian Shark Catfish

Salt Water:

  • Black Banded, Cat, Horned, Wobbygong and Epaulette Shark

The guide is an easy read and is packed with useful hints and tips.

In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, I cover all aspects of keeping Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish – including purchasing, handling, the different types and species, feeding, care, aquariums, ph, conditioning, and much more -- you get everything you need to know to keep healthy, and beautiful Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish!

I even include what types of fish do well with your fish and what fish do not and why so you can avoid any problems with your aquarium. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are managing an ecosystem where the rules of nature apply even in microcosm.

Remember... If you introduce predators to the environment, you can hardly expect them to be anything but what they are --

Black Banded Shark

The book, "Aquarium for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owner's Guide" is full of up to date and sound advice and answers to all your questions – including some you didn’t even know you had!

Heres a peak at what is inside the book!

Common questions people have about Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish and keeping them.

  • Are Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish are fun to keep? Yes, they are!

  • What's the difference between fresh water shark fish and brackish sharks and salt water sharks and aquariums?

  • What are the different species and types of Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish and where do the come from? (Thats outlined in detail in the book.)

  • How big do Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish get? (Youll be surprised at the answer.)

  • Where is the best place to buy an aquarium shark or shark fish and how much do they cost?

  • Do I need to get a permit to own Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish? If so, how do I get one?

  • Can I mix different types of shark fish and fish? What happens if I do?

  • Do I buy baby fish or adults? (Find out which is best for you and why.)


  • How do I know if a Aquarium store or a breeder of Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish is selling me a healthy fish? What do I watch out for?

  • I read I can buy aquarium sharks and shark fish online? Is this a good thing to do? (The book includes websites where you can purchase a complete kit online with fish.)

  • What do I need to bring my shark fish home? (Simple travel tips for your shark fish after you purchase it in order to safely bring it home and the right way to add it to your tank to reduce stress on the fish are inside the book.)

  • Can I mix different types of shark fish and fish? What happens if I do?

  • I heard shark fish are social creatures. Do I need to buy more than one? How many should I have?

  • What is the best type of aquarium shark to buy and why?


  • Can Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish live in a standard fish aquarium? If I want to buy a tank, what size is best and for what species?

  • What type of tank heater, filters and pumps are best and why?

  • What size aquarium do I need and how much space is needed per aquarium shark or shark fish?

  • I want to add some fish to my aquarium. What type of fish do well with my Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish and why? (Some fish will harm or steal food from your other fish, so find out the fish you dont want to buy to put with your sharks.)

  • What can I add for tank scenery and decorations inside my tank? What is good to use? What do I need to be careful of not to use?


  • What water monitoring and testing equipment do I need?

  • What do I need to know about water chemistry and PH?

  • Do I need to condition or cycle my aquarium and how do I do it?

  • Can you give me a list of things I need to clean my tank?

  • How often do I need to clean the tank and clean the filter? What type of filters and how often should I replace them?

  • What type of water should I use and ph should the water be? (Plus how to check the ph of the water and what type of water is best to use and why.)

  • Where should I locate my tank? Does adding a light matter? How long should a light be on per day and why?

  • Find out the best supplements to help keep your sharks healthy. 

  • What do I feed my Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish, and how often? (In depth care and feeding of your Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish and where to buy food are covered.)

  • How do I know my Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish is sick? (This is all described in detail inside the book and how to keep your Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish healthy.)

  • What are the common tank diseases and why does a shark get them?

  • How do shark fish eggs hatch?

  • Where can you get shark fish eggs?

  • There is also a list of resources for many shark fish and aquarium shark related websites and supply stores included inside the book.

  • And a Glossary of the most common Aquarium shark and shark fish terms

Remember, one of the many benefits of having a shark fish aquarium is they will definitely entertain you with their antics!

It just makes common sense to stop wasting your time and patience trying to get this critical information by surfing the web. Your time is more valuable spent elsewhere!

Not to mention the frustration of banging your head against the wall when you run into problems with your Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish when they are sick or stressed by improper care, because by then it is too late!

Normally to be able to talk to a Aquarium Shark or Shark Fish seller and invest their time in your answering all your questions could cost you hundreds of dollars.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near $100 and not even $80 either to get your hands on the simple to follow book on "Aquarium for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owners Guide"

I am going to let you have it for a very special price,


This book is guaranteed to answer all of your questions about Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish with detailed tips on buying aquarium sharks and shark fish, aquariums, chemicals, water chemistry and filtering, hydrogen (ph), diseases, raising them and health care on over 100 pages!

Anyone who is passionate about owning, keeping raising Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish will be very pleased at the comprehensive content included in this detailed guide.

With this simple to understand, and comprehensive "Aquariums for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owner's Guide", theres no stopping you now from indulging in your thrill by getting your first Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish!

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this very informative guide away that took months of my time to create?

We’ll it’s really quite simple. I want to give everyone, including you, who needs this information inside my book, "Aquariums for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owners Guide" to be able to use this to your fullest advantage. You can enjoy owning and taking good care of your Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish and Ill show you everything you need to know!

And to ensure your complete satisfaction...

That’s why I’m offering the following 60-day 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

If for any reason you truly believe that this product doesnt help you in keeping your Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish, ask for a refund within the next 60 days. No question asked and no hard feelings. Well refund you the FULL price of what you paid for. Its that simple!

That means you can try out "Aquariums for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owners Guide" at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if you dont like it for ANY reason I honestly want to you to ask for your money back!

But dont take it only from me that is book is a great reference for a shark lover, here are what other happy shark owners said after they purchased the book. 

"This guide makes a very complex subject so much easier to understand. Informative and practical; includes essential information on keeping these fascinating creatures healthy and happy in your aquarium."

~ Zoe O'Conner


"Wow, I've had shark fish for many years, this has inspired me to move on and purchase a true marine shark. I've already started prepping my tank and looking forward to the journey."

~ Sue Clark


"Alex provides greet tips and realistic facts so you can make an informed decision as to whether it really makes sense to have sharks or shark fish in your aquarium. By highlighting the potential problems you aren't blinded by these magical creatures in making a decision you may later regret ."

~ David Rogerson

Im sure youll be able to easily see how easily this comprehensive book will benefit your shark keeping hobby in no time at all.

I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating "Aquariums Sharks and Shark Fish - Complete Owners Guide" and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would certainly help you enjoy getting your first Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish!

Click on "add to cart" button below to get INSTANT ACCESS to "Aquariums Sharks and Shark Fish - Complete Owners Guide"  and get the ebook via instant download just like I promised you for the small investment of only $24.00. That is a drop in the bucket versus the time you would spend trying to find all this vital information.

Are you excited about getting your own Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish?

You should be! Now with the help of my guide you can go and buy your Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish and take care of them with confidence!

Get ready to enjoy keeping your own Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish!

Get "Aquariums for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owners Guide" and youll know things other aquarium owners dont know!

This book will provide you with all the essential information you need to get started in keeping Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish.

Soon you will know everything from the basics of buying your shark fish, tank set-up, feeding and maintenance to proper health care of your fish, so by the time you finish this book you will be fully equipped with the knowledge you need to be successful and enjoy your new fish!

You may even be so excited after you read this book that you'll go out the same day to purchase your Aquarium Sharks and Shark Fish!

To Your Pet Shark and Shark Fish Enjoyment,

Alex Halton

P.S: Once you order the book you will quickly see how fun keeping Aquarium Shark and Shark Fish can be. Get your copy of "Aquariums for Sharks, Pet Sharks and Shark Fish Care - The Complete Owners Guide" right now. And start enjoying your own new aquarium!


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